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The Fight to Bite Course

In this course, you’ll learn advanced strategies for getting your picky eater to try new foods, making meal times less stressful.

Let me guess, you’ve tried all the picky eater tips and tricks to get your child to try something new like…


  • Offering a new food over and over again.

  • Forcing your child to sit at the table until they take a bite.

  • Setting firm boundaries and using a reward chart.

  • Waiting until they get super hungry, hoping they’ll take a bite.

  • Tricking them by hiding food.


But nothing is working.

And when you bring it up to your pediatrician, all he says is, “It’s normal! He’ll grow out of it!”

But deep down inside, you know what’s happening isn’t normal. Mealtimes shouldn’t have to feel this defeating. 

On the one hand, you’re so tired of trying strategy after strategy, wasting time and food, just to see no progress… but on the other hand, you want to do whatever’s possible to prevent your child’s picky eating from worsening.


If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. And there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Hi, I’m Veronica

I'm a Registered Dietitian specializing in helping parents overcome picky eating.


I've been a Dietitian for 10 years and have worked with people living with Type 1 Diabetes for 8 years. That's where my passion for helping families bring joy back to the table came from.


After just a few months of working with children and families in a hospital clinic, I remember thinking to myself one night after work that most of the conversations I had with parents that day all had a common theme - and no, it wasn't diabetes. 


It was picky eating. 


And it wasn't just that day. Parents always asked me questions about how to get their kids to eat more vegetables or how to help kids eat new foods without a fight.


Then I had my own kids and realized that feeding kids are complicated - it's influenced by our past experiences, values, emotions, and parenting skills.


And if there's a problem with feeding, the solutions aren't intuitive to parents.


It gives me so much joy to bring parents and kids closer together and restore the trust around feeding.

The Fight to Bite Course is for you if…

  • You’ve tried to “just keep offering” a new food, but it hasn’t worked and is always met with resistance. 

  • Your child doesn’t eat many foods, and even the food they eat, they won’t eat consistently. It always feels like a guessing game.

  • You’re unsure how to approach picking eating without bribing or an incentive.

  • You can’t remember the last time your child tried new food.

  • Mealtimes are stressful, and you feel at a loss for what to do.

  • You don’t know what you’re doing wrong and feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

Check out what happens when you learn how to help your picky eater try new foods:


In the Fight to Bite Course, you’ll:

  • Learn how to increase the variety of food your child will eat.

  • Feel confident that you have strategies that will actually work to help your child try new foods.

  • Reduce mealtime meltdowns and stop feeling like every meal is a battlefield.

  • Stop wasting food and money on strategies that don’t work.

  • Be able to go out to dinner without stress, anxiety, or rice/pasta being the main course.

A Look Inside the Course

Veronica La Marca-2.png

​​Each module contains an audio lesson (15-30 minutes long) and/or accompanying worksheets. These modules are designed to provide quick and actionable information (as a busy parent, I know the last thing you have time to do is sit and watch an hour-long module!).

Module 1: Role of the Parent

This module is designed to teach you your role as the parent in the feeding relationship and how that is the foundation for understanding how to help your picky eater try new foods.

Module 2: Understanding Your Child

Have you ever wondered why the strategies you’ve tried in the past haven’t worked? This module will explain why! You’ll learn about developmental stages, how anxiety and sensory issues impact feeding, and misconceptions about feeding problems.

Module 3: All About Pressure

Do you spend each meal bribing your child to try new food? “Come on, just eat 2 more bites, then you can have a cookie!” In this module, you’ll learn why these statements aren’t helpful, the challenges your child brings to the table, and how to create a foundation for them to be ready and successful at trying new foods.

Module 4: Meal and Snack Schedule

This module discusses the importance of having a meal and snack schedule, as well as strategies on how to make that happen.

Module 5: Eating Together

In this module, you’ll learn the importance of family meals and how to incorporate them. As well as how to handle mealtime tantrums.

Module 6: Let’s Help Your Child Eat

Does it feel like your child is addicted to sugar? Or maybe you notice your child likes a particular food one week but completely avoids it the next? In this module, you’ll learn about safe foods, exposure foods, how to prevent burnout on favorite foods, and how to handle a sugar obsession.

Module 7: Food Explorers

In this module, you’ll learn strategies to get your child interested in new foods.

Module 8: Making Food Fun

In this module, you’ll learn how to bring fun to food (which will help your child eat!).

Module 9: Measuring Progress

Getting your child to try new foods is a marathon, not a sprint. In this module, we talk about what progress looks like in the short and long term.


BONUS #1: How to Implement Food Chaining/Bridging Module

You’ll learn the theory behind food chaining and how to implement this strategy to get your child to try new foods by utilizing a food they already like.

Add a little bit of body text-3.png

BONUS #2: Getting to the Cause of Constipation Module

In this course, you’ll learn how to get to the cause of constipation and how nutrition and fluids influence constipation.


Now’s your chance to understand how to help your picky eater to try new foods

In the Fight to Bite Course, you’ll receive:

  • 9 pre-recorded modules led by Veronica

  • 17 worksheets with examples and steps for implementation

  • Bonus Module: How to Implement Food Chaining/Bridging Module

  • Bonus Module: Getting to the Cause of Constipation Module

  • Long-term access to the course

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