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Veronica's Nutrition Philosophy

I believe food to be about nourishment, experience, culture and ultimately one of life’s greatest pleasures. After becoming a Dietitian, I worked in a hospital clinic with children who have Type 1 Diabetes for five years. This experience taught me how complex the feeding relationship is between caregivers and children. What I quickly realized was that many families experienced less than pleasurable mealtimes. I then went on to have two daughters of my own and experienced the joys and struggles of watching my girls learn how to eat. It is definitely a work in progress!


My aim is to help caregivers recognize, restore and preserve innate hunger and satiety cues in children to allow their bodies to grow as nature intended. Nothing makes me more satisfied than helping parents use simple, practical and evidence based approaches to feeding their kids and developing a positive relationship with food.


We all want meal times to be pleasurable and want our children to eat and grow well. It is my goal to help you get there.

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