Celebrate a healthy relationship around food and eating for you and your family
  • Want to overcome picky eating and end mealtime stress?

  • Ready to start solids for your infant?

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Welcome to my page - if you've gotten this far I am so happy you're here!


I aim to create a non-judgmental space where moms can feel empowered and confident in feeding their children so that kids can learn to like new foods and grow well.


To find if I'm the right fit for you and your family, please click on the green box below to book a FREE discovery call with me.  


You’ll have a chance to tell me your concerns, ask questions about how Eat2Grow works and learn what to expect from the process of working together. We’ll discuss your goals and how I can help build a personalized plan to move towards them. 


Eat2Grow offers virtual appointments using a secure and reliable online video communication platform. Utilize these appointments in the comfort of your own home or office.

Counselling bundle:

Personalized virtual counselling

Three 60 minute sessions 

Copy of 22-page picky eating guide

$400 CDN

In Ontario, many private extended health insurance plans offer Registered Dietitian services as a reimbursable benefit. Check with your employer if you have coverage for counselling services from a Registered Dietitian. Plans may also include these services under a “health spending account”.  

Benefits coverage


Eat2Grow specializes in:​

  • Starting infants on solids (purees or baby-led weaning)

  • overcoming/preventing picky eating 

  • ending mealtime stress

  • expanding your child's food variety

Veronica La Marca, RD CDE



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